a flexible structure to give a quick answer the customer’s needs and to follow with great attention the technological evolutions,
a delivery method reliable and scalable, designed to dimension the projects according to the real necessity,
the ability to establish long terms relationships with the most important actors in ICT and telecommunication field, to give the cusomers the best technological platforms in the market


Bloomtech's most important projects



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About us


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Bloomtech’s most important projects

Presence detection

Tulip is Bloomtech’s solution for detecting the personnel’s presence that manages all the issues of the data collection of the presence and the processing of the personnel’s monthly tags, giving an essential support to the personnel office in term of time saving and error elimination in the calculation phase.

Company management

DeskEngine is the management system which we integrate our vertical solutions for the company with. A synergy revealed all its utility also in the most complex situations. Magnolia and Lemon are two concrete examples of thi ssuccess: the production management and the job management integrated with a powerful and esay-to-use ERP.

Production management and configurator

Magnolia is Bloomtech’s solution for the production management and production control. Magnolia offers the tools and the support methods to manage the porductive cycle for small and medium companies, from the definition of the operative structure and the base of the product, to the consuntivation dei tempi di fase, ensuring a real-time control of the progress of the jobs.

Workflow of the images

PhotoCrux covers all the information flow connected with images: from the recreation by photographers, to the acceptance, storage and keywording, to the reporting of its receipts connected with the sale, obtained with visibility on a custom web site for every client.

Job’s commission mangement

Lemon is the software for manage the jobs desinìgned for design, contract and production related to difficult jobs companies. It offers budgeting, consuntivation and profitability analysis tools. This added to the management of the passive and active cycle of the job.

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